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Secure Homes, Vehicles and Property

The Georgetown County Sheriff's Office responds to property crimes more than all other crimes. The Sheriff's Office investigates and conducts proactive operations to solve and capture these criminals. The best way to combat property crimes is prevention and for a prevention program to be successful the public has to be the main factor.

Securing property out of sight, locking vehicles and homes, being aware of your surrounding, and reporting suspicious activity to the Sheriff's Office are all actions you can take to prevent property crimes.

Always secure your home when you are not there. Make sure valuable property is not left unsecured outside the home. Lock your doors when you are home and check before you open your doors to identify the person. Lock your vehicles at all times when unattended. Do not keep valuables like weapons, computers and cash in your vehicle. Hide electronic devices that you keep in your vehicle. Most thefts from vehicles occur to unlocked vehicles or vehicles that have valuable property that can be seen through the windows.
Report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood to the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office Deputy will come and investigate and show a presence in the area.

Security systems and cameras may be a good option if you have valuable property at your location or feel unsafe.

In most cases securing property will limit a criminals desire to steal that property and will assist in reducing property crime in Georgetown County.

If you have any questions or what more information on crime prevention please call the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office at (843) 546-5102.