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Gang Graffiti

  • The number 18 represents the"18th Street Gang". Considered to be one of Southern California's most violent street gangs.
  • The smiling face and the sad face symbolizes a slogan that the "18th Street Gang" uses. It means, laugh now cry later.
  • The name "Jose" identifies the gang member who did the graffiti.
  • The eye, and the tear drop represent a gang member who has killed someone or who is planning on killing someone.
  • It is very important to monitor graffiti due to the fact that it is considered the a gang's newspaper.
  • This shows that the Crips / Folks marked this as their spot.
  • The six pointed star represent the Folk Nation Gang, and the C in the middle of the star represents the Crips.
  • The term 4 life means that once you are in, you are in for Life.