Prison Rape Elimination Act (2003)

GCDC has a Zero Tolerance Policy for Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.

Zero Tolerance means that no sexual contact or sexual harassment will be tolerated between any inmate with another inmate or between any inmate and any employee, contractor, or volunteer per South Carolina Code of Laws §44-23-1150. Staff found guilty of such violations will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination and possible criminal prosecution. An inmate found to be sexually abusing or harassing another inmate will be subject to disciplinary action consistent with the requirements of the Georgetown County Detention Center's inmate disciplinary procedures, and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Assaults or victimizations that are sexual in nature should be reported to staff members by calling 843-545-3400 or in writing to the Georgetown County Detention Center, 2394 Browns Ferry Rd. Georgetown, SC 29440. Any reports will be kept as confidential as the circumstance allows.

Falsely reporting incidents that did not actually occur may result in disciplinary action or criminal investigations.

GCDC Policy mandates an investigation be completed on all allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Any investigation that is criminal in nature will be handled by the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the SC State Law Enforcement Division in situations warranting their involvement.

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