Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office Assists in Rescuing Severely Injured Dog

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office and Saint Frances Animal Center rescue severely injured dog

(Feb. 12, 2020) Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office recently responded to a call about a dog chained to a tree in an empty lot. When Officer Harrington brought the puppy into Saint Frances Animal Center, a noticeable injury was under her collar. Officer Harrington cut the chain before placing the puppy in a run.

When Intake Manager, Ashely Gray, pulled the puppy, now named Misty Blue, out of the run, she was horrified. “There was an overwhelming odor associated with infection emanating from underneath her neck. What we saw when we lifted her head will haunt me for quite sometime.

Ms. Gray theorized that the collar was placed on Misty Blue when she was a small puppy and it was never adjusted to accommodate her as she grew. The collar had become embedded in Misty Blue’s neck so deeply that it resulted in a horrific gash over an inch deep and five inches long. In consultation with Dr. Rachel O’Sullivan, DVM, the wound was clipped, cleaned and treated and Misty Blue was started on oral antibiotics.

According to Executive Director, Niki Dawson, Misty Blue is undergoing surgery at SFAC to repair her injury and will be cared for until she is stable enough to go be transferred to a rescue partner where she will complete her recovery.

“Saint Frances Animal Center will be launching a county-wide program to help families unchain their dogs. With the help of our generous donors, SFAC will provide fencing, dog houses and non-tipping water bowls to families who do not have the financial resource to provide adequate housing for their dogs,” said Dawson. “We are excited to partner with local and county law enforcement agencies to identify families in need.”

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Media Contacts:
Niki Dawson: 908-966-3098,,
Jason Lesley: 843-436-6049,

About Saint Frances Animal Center: Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats until they can be placed in loving homes. Raising awareness through public education, community outreach and a wellness clinic, we seek to promote respect for the lives of cats and dogs by breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect and pet overpopulation in our community.

Saint Frances Animal Center is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization serving Georgetown County.

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