Sheriff Introduces New Chaplain Program

Monday, January 10, 2022

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At a festive luncheon given in appreciation of Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office staff as part of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Sheriff Carter Weaver introduced the Sheriff’s Chaplain Program.

“No one is confronted with more situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental and spiritual burdens than those who work in the law enforcement environment,” Weaver said. “The Chaplain Program can help enhance employee well-being, both on and off the job. The chaplains respect what we do and they want to help.”

Four chaplains were chosen for the program: Rev. Kenny Johnson of Ringel Heights Baptist Church, Bishop John Smith, Jr. of Greater Bible Way Church, Pastor Greg Van Dyke of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, and Pastor Josh Sierra of First Assembly of God Emmanuel.

Rev. Johnson was a longtime coroner for Georgetown County, before his retirement a year ago.

“Having sat in the seats where all of you now sit, my heart goes out to you,” he said to the crowd. “I’m here to help you, pray with you, and pray for you. It’s not always a pleasant society we serve these days.”

Pastor Josh Sierra, who served in a similar capacity for six years in Florida, urged any officer to feel comfortable approaching any of the chaplains. Pastor Van Dyke agreed, adding that he prays for the agency every day.

“You provide a vital service at every level, 24/7 you put yourself at risk to protect others,” he said. “We’re here to serve you as you serve us.”

Bishop Smith echoed his fellow chaplains, lauding the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office staff: “We are eager to support people who are serving our community, and this agency is a wonderful representative of that.”

Sheriff Weaver reminded those gathered that the very underpinnings of their work can be found in Psalms 82:3-4.

“Defend the weak and the fatherless, uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed,” he quoted. “Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

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  1. k e sackett k e sackett

    FROM: Katrine elizabeth Sackett32463whitelady spring terrace apartments 7101 N. ih-35 Austin TX 78752
    DATE: Aug 29, 2022 monday
    REGARDING: donating a old closed nursing home of your business which your not using anymore to the police and county sherriff of austin tx and austin travis county to use for wheel-chair combined homeless adults over 18yrs old
    On my way around town to go from the apt to some malls I need to take more than one bus and once I had a appointment and it was far away over a hour on the bus to get to I had to change buses like three or four times to get to my destination
    While I was waiting by the bus stops I noticed there was a lot more homeless adult people who were wheel-chair combined
    I even noticed some were or looked like they were over the age 55yrs old and older and some looked older then 40yrs old and then a few younger then 40yrs old but older then 18yrs old
    I thought it would be nice sense low-income housing always has a waiting list long as a year to two years long that maybe your retirement home and nursing home businesses may be able to help the local authorities(sheriff and police) out by offering to give for free and donate for free of cost a old closed down nursing home which you are no longer using but owned to the police and sheriff to use for a low-income housing project for wheel-chair combined people
    But! Do not make it or run it like a institution like a nursing home would be run but turn it into a housing project for wheel-chair combined
    Like this idea:
    1. just make it look like a big house by like maybe asking college students who are artists and imaging students to put by the bedroom windows out-side a drawing of shutters (window shutters) shutters which look they are made out of wood but yet it is just a drawing on the side of the walls by the bedroom windows and that would help it look like a big house instead of looking like a institutional nursing home look
    2. Then sense most old nursing homes had at least 60 and more rooms and dining room area I recommend you have one bedroom wall knocked out between it and the bedroom next to it and turn it into a recreation room for card games or checkers or chess game room
    3. Then have a bedroom cleaned out and make it a tea room and just put tables and chairs in it and leave some tables in without chairs to use for residents (not staff but residents) to use as a tea room to sit and gap(talk) And put a water faucet in it so residents can get a glass of water when they want and maybe even see if you Could get the companies which have those soda machines bring a soda machine and juice machine and flavored Water machines so if they have any change they can get some juice to drink and sit and gap(talk)
    4. knock a wall from one bedroom to another and make it larger to make it a t.v. room for residents to share
    5. allow residents to have a t.v. room in their bedrooms if they have a t.v. so they can watch t.v. in thier rooms if they Want to watch in their rooms some people have family which can afford to buy gifts for them and might want to Buy them a t.v. as a gift for them to watch t.v. in their room
    6. have only one person per room in these rooms ---this way residents can have a place or spot to call their own space and some privacy (this make the place a happier place to be or live)
    7. have a smoking area out-side so residents can go out and smoke if they happen to smoking
    8. have a small park like area for them as residents to be able to walk and get some exercise in, walking doctors
    have said many times is good exercise for anyone so make a small park for residents to go walk around in if they
    Happen to have any walking ability at all or have help from rehabilitation centers that come and help them walk
    If they have a little ability left to do that otherwise they just can roll them self around in the wheel-chair instead
    9. just ask residents picked to live there to come be in at night and stay around the building inside or outside just to make sure they are o.k. sense there is so much going on out in this world as far as crimes this way staff can see they are o.k. at night (these people are wheel-chair combined and so asking them to be in at night is a good idea anyway) just ask them if they want to go out to do it day light hours
    10. Most old nursing homes already had a cafeteria type area which residents would come out and eat and so make sure there is one or if not
    Then make a area for a cafeteria type area were residents would come out and sit to eat their meals and talk(gap)
    11. Copy other retirement homes in past they use to have two meals a day due to the cost of living so make a late breakfast like 9a.m. consisting of coffee and one donut or pastry or use pop-tarts I remember pop-tarts were actually cheap to buy so may want to check into using pop-tarts with coffee in the morning for a breakfast meal to reduce the cost yet be able to still provide a breakfast meal then at 5p.m. they would have a full meal of like potatoe and vegetable and meat and piece of bread or roll and a drink to have with meal (a lot of retirement homes went to that due to cost of high prices of food yet they still had to provide meals some how)
    12. Make one bedroom into a salon/barber shop room so barbers and cosmetologist can come take care of their hair a good wash and short cut
    And even help with ladies with shaving legs(use cream type shaving cream) and beard shaving for men and maybe even help with nail cuting and toe nail cutting also

    Monday, August 29, 2022
  2. Monday, August 29, 2022